Cosmetic Dentist Parramatta  Sydney - Dr David Moffet Sydney Dentist Parramatta Active Dental - Dr David Moffet is a dentist in Parramatta, Sydney providing extreme smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. Dental Articles - View our articles on the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments and extreme makeovers. Dental FAQs - View questions and answers concerning cosmetic and extreme smile makeover dental treatment View our associate dentists around Australia. Active Dental is located in Parramatta, Sydney and provides a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments including extreme makeovers.
  Active Dental provides extreme makeovers and cosmetic dentistry treatments.  

Cosmetic Dentist in Parramatta, Sydney - Providing extreme makeovers

Smile yourself healthy
Did you know smiling and laughing are actually healthy for you? It's true! As well as being attractive; smiling and laughing are beneficial to your entire well-being!

The activity of smiling releases natural antidepressant chemicals from your brain, beneficial to your entire being. Laughing also has a direct affect on the body. The popular saying "laughing makes good blood" is scientifically accurate. When we laugh, it produces rapid rhythmical contractions of the diaphragm. These contractions; stimulate abdominal organs and pulmonary function, modify breathing and heart rate.

The psychological value of smiling and laughing is just as impressive. These activities release inner tension and repressed tendencies. When a person is tired or unhappy, it is better to relax through smiling and / or laughing than any other non-active means.

Smiling impacts our every day lives - personally, professionally and socially. When you are ashamed of your smile, you either hide it or you do not smile as much. Today through the continual advancements in the field of Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, your dream smile is now closer than you think. Contact our dental practice today and speak with one of our dedicated team members about transforming your teeth into a healthy, natural smile.


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Dr David Moffett is a dentist in Parramatta, Sydney
David is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding cosmetic dental treatments and extreme smile makeovers. Simple complete the form below to submit your enquiry.


Parramatta Specialist Medical Building - 152 Marsden Street Parramata Sydney NSW 2150


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