Cosmetic Dentist Parramatta  Sydney - Dr David Moffet Sydney Dentist Parramatta Active Dental - Dr David Moffet is a dentist in Parramatta, Sydney providing extreme smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. Dental Articles - View our articles on the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments and extreme makeovers. Dental FAQs - View questions and answers concerning cosmetic and extreme smile makeover dental treatment View our associate dentists around Australia. Active Dental is located in Parramatta, Sydney and provides a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments including extreme makeovers.
  Active Dental provides extreme makeovers and cosmetic dentistry treatments.  

Cosmetic Dentist in Parramatta, Sydney - Providing extreme makeovers

Have you lost your tooth? A Dental Implant may be the solution!

Dental Implants are a permanent solution; helping you to recapture the beautiful nature of your smile.

Looking and feeling natural; Dental Implants can help prevent further deterioration of your teeth and give you something to smile about. A Dental Implant is a man-made replacement for the root of a tooth, which is surgically inserted into the jawbone.

As the mouth heals, approximately two to six months after surgery; the bone and Implant begin to fuse together. Once healing is complete, the Implant is then used to anchor Crowns, Bridges or Dentures. The number of Dental Implants required is dependant upon your individual needs.

This question will be determined during your initial consultation with your Dentist. Playing an important role in this decision is the quality and quantity of the patient's bone. Implementing the correct number of Implants is vital in achieving long-term success. Dental Implants may also be implemented in such cases as a single missing tooth. This apparatus is referred to as a Single Tooth Implant Crown.

There are several types of Dental Implants available. Although Dental Implants will not decay, they still require impeccable care. Dental Implants may be cleaned and flossed just like normal teeth and best of all they do not require any special tools to clean around them (as with Bridgework).


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Dr David Moffett is a dentist in Parramatta, Sydney
David is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding cosmetic dental treatments and extreme smile makeovers. Simple complete the form below to submit your enquiry.


Parramatta Specialist Medical Building - 152 Marsden Street Parramata Sydney NSW 2150


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