Lose a Gummy Smile with Gum Lifts

Posted On: August 23, 2009
Posted In: cosmetic dentistry
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Healthy gums are an integral part of your oral health and maintenance of an attractive smile. You may be feeling that having the perfect grin is impossible because of a gummy smile, whereby your teeth appear too short as a result of the excess gum covering  them, exposing too much of your gum-line when you smile.  Your gummy smile may have resulted from a number of conditions the most common of which include when your teeth do not recede naturally when your permanent teeth emerge, frequent grinding of the teeth and your lip line being higher than usual. Your natural smile may also tend to expose too much of your gum line.

It is important to keep in mind that a gummy smile may not be a problem when considering whether to have gummy smile surgery and you should consider if it will enhance both the healthiness and attractiveness of your smile.

To fix a gummy smile your gum and bone tissue is shaped so that more of your teeth show or that the gum line is made even. This procedure is called a ‘gum lift’ or ‘crown lengthening’.  A gum lift is a simple procedure that normally consists of a small incision into the gums and moves them away from the teeth consequently reshaping the bone and gum tissue for a more exposure. This is a minimally invasive procedure that can often be completed in one visit.

Having healthy gums and a more attractive smile can be easily achieved trough gum lifts. You will have more confidence in you appearance when your gummy smile is transformed into a perfect even natural looking smile.

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