Invisalign – An Alternative to Metal Braces

Posted On: August 23, 2009
Posted In: Orthodontics
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Invisalign is a treatment available through your dental practitioner that provides you with a revolutionary alternative to the often unsightly metal braces of the past.

You may have lived with the burden of a crooked smile for so long that it has become second nature to hide away what could, with the help of Invisalign treatment, be your greatest asset. A beautiful straight smile is not only an achievable goal but one that can be obtained with less of an impact on your life and appearance then you might have thought.

While the only obvious solution to your problem may have seemed like the undesirable use of metal braces, invisible braces now allow you to avoid the inevitable discomfort arising from metal braces, whilst also removing the often distressing sense of self-consciousness brought on by having to wear ‘train-tracks’ as an adult.

Once embarking on the life enhancing experience of Invisalign treatment you will undergo the photographic recording of your smile. An impression of your teeth is established and the results are scanned and recorded as 3D models which are then made into a set of aligners.

Completely clear, your aligners are fitted to your teeth and as time passes act to adjust your mouth to your desired structure through a series of monitored refits, gradually achieving the smile you have always wanted. Throughout this process your teeth are carefully assessed to ensure that your teeth receive the care and attention they need in order to help you shine.

Invisalign treatment exists as an alternative to metal braces in order to help you achieve the perfection you dream of at minimum interference to your overall face and appearance and effectively removing the trauma associated with old fashioned metal braces.